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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Are we scary?

Yes! That’s the point. If you’re not scared, we may have to chop you up into little bits. We have a reputation to protect.

Are kids allowed?

This event may be too scary for younger guests under 13. Every child is different. As a parent, please use your best judgment. Crying children will be eaten.

How much is parking?

Parking is free! And there is plenty of it. Leave enough room for the Coroner’s Wagon.

What should I bring?

Friends. Family. Other delicious folks. Money or a credit card. Heart pills. Fresh underwear.

Are pets allowed?

Certainly not. Pets are the first to die in horror movies. You don’t want that, do you?

Are costumes allowed?

Yes, providing your face can be clearly seen. Masks are not allowed. They make it difficult to identify your corpse.

Is alcohol served?

No. Nor is it allowed on the premises. You will need all of your faculties if you want to survive your visit.

What else is not allowed?

Weapons. We have plenty. Leave yours at home.

Is photography allowed?

Photography is allowed and encouraged outside the haunt and in the queue line. Friends and relatives will want to remember you as you were before entering the house. Once inside, no pictures are allowed. We don’t like evidence.

What if it rains?

We are open rain or (gasp) shine. Our haunt is indoors, but the line may extend outdoors on extremely busy nights towards the end of the season.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. And we even return them to you.

How do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets on site at our ticket booth, providing our help is in the mood to serve you. You can also purchase tickets online to reduce your wait in line… and chances of being eaten.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are! If you don’t come with a wheelchair, you may need one by the time you leave.

Is there an ATM available?

Only in the mall during normal mall hours. Get here early if you want to use an ATM. After that, you’re on your own… in the dark… alone.

Can the monsters touch us?

No, providing you don’t touch them or their stuff. Never touch their stuff!

What is the Ghoulie Game?

The Ghoulie Game is played only on our less busy nights. Your group will be given a task by one of our Ghoulies. If your group performs the task as you go through the manor, your party will live to see another day. Fail, and your party will be fed to the unmentionable horror in the final room. These games are not scheduled, so if you want a chance to play you should visit the manor on weekends early in the season or on weekdays. Once we get too busy there won’t be time for games. Remember, come very early in the season if you want a chance to play! Did we mention come early?