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The Legend of Ghoulie Manor

No one knows exactly when or how the respected Goulet family, an admired fixture in the community since the early 19th century, became the object of dread and suspicion that it is today.  Those brave or curious enough to pursue the matter have never been heard from again. Some speculate that those who got their answers fled, horrified, as far away as they could. The less fortunate meddlers, it's said, never saw the light of day again. Most right-thinking people would just as soon as not pursue the matter, lest they find themselves sharing the same end.

What is known, though, is that the family's reputation devolved rapidly, so that the local children, adept at name-calling as children are, started calling the place “Ghoulie” Manor, as opposed to the refined and correct “Goulet.” One cannot even ask those children who started the name-calling, as each eventually disappeared without a trace.

As the years passed, each successive generation of Goulets became more secretive, their deeds more sinister.  Rumors of disappearances and black magic began making the rounds among the local gossips. Some wagging tongues say the family is nothing but a bunch of gangsters, or a pack of grave-robbers, which makes the name “Ghoulie”all the more fitting. Others say they're sorcerers, or necromancers, or a group of mad scientists, performing unholy experiments on each other. It seems that no sin, mundane or magical, is left out when talking about Ghoulie Manor's inhabitants.

And while it's easy to dismiss such talk as mere idle stories, no one can explain why the entire place radiates an aura of unsettling unwholesomeness. Dogs, cats, and horses instinctively shy away from the place and avoid the grounds. Smaller, less aware animals like squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks are often found dead within the boundaries of the property, no marks of violence evident.  Even birds that fly over the house wind up dead, cold and stiff, lying on the manor's corrupt ground.

Modern technology is not immune to the ruinous atmosphere of Ghoulie Manor. There are reports of watches stopping, radios broadcasting nothing but static, car batteries failing, compasses not pointing north, and phones losing their connections. Something is clearly wrong within the decaying property.

Yes, something unholy lurks in Ghoulie Manor, and its family members, both living and dead, remain ensconced behind the moldering walls of the old house, guarding those secrets, waiting, and watching.  No one knows what they want, or why they remain so insular and sinister. What are they hiding? Is it the sins of the past or evil deeds yet to be unleashed on an unsuspecting community?

Be warned: any who seek to plumb the dark depths of Ghoulie Manor for answers end up only with madness, horror, and an unmarked grave.  Nothing can pry those secrets from the skeletal death grip of the family. And yet, nothing lasts forever. Perhaps you are the one who finally masters the secret, instead of the other way around. Savor one last breath of clean wholesome air before you enter, for it may be your last.

Experience a haunted house like no other. Our Ghoulies await you around every corner, feeding off of your fear. Witness horrible scenes that will haunt your dreams every time you close your eyes. Stumble through the dilapidated manor looking for a way out before you are eaten, tortured or ripped limb from limb. Try to survive if you can, but always keep the secrets of the manor or else we can't guarantee the Ghoulies won't follow you home and silence you forever.